Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in Superior is working with the police and fire departments to prepare for an active shooter scenario.

The exercise runs from noon to 3 p.m. Wednesday at the WITC campus, 600 N. 21st St.

The Rescue Task Force - made up of the Superior police and fire departments - will train on what to do during an active shooter event. Teams comprised of firefighters and police officers will enter campus to search for injured people, triage injuries and move victims out of the building. Police will provide protective cover for firefighters as they work to stabilize and evacuate victims.

Logistics make joint training exercises of this scale difficult to arrange. WITC-Superior campus administrator Bonny Copenhaver said providing this opportunity to the task force is the right thing to do.

"We strongly support our emergency responders. WITC-Superior will do what is necessary to facilitate their training efforts, Copenhaver said. "Opening up our campus to this type of training scenario helps the RTF be more familiar with not only our facilities but also in conducting future rescue efforts."

The training exercises will be repeated two to three times. There will not be live ammunition or other weapons on campus. The fire department will use a "triple check" system for weapons safety.