On Monday, the Superior School Board approved its final budget for the 2013-14 school year.

The Board gave unanimous support to the budget, which includes a smaller tax increase than last year.

The Superior school district had anticipated a tax levy increase on par with last year's 2.56 percent bump, but that figure was brought down after the passage of Wisconsin Act 46.

Act 46, passed in late October, added $40 million to school aid funding for the this year and $60 million more for the 2014-15 school year.

Jack Amadio, business manager for the Superior school district, said the legislation provided Superior with about $211,000 more in equalization aid from the state.

The district had planned for a 2.92 percent increase in its tax levy prior to Act 46. At Monday's budget hearing, the final increase was 1.9 percent.

The School Board approved the 2013-14 budget by a 5-0 vote. Board members Christina Kintop and Mary Klun were not present.

"I'd like to commend the Board for its work to keep this levy down," said John Hendricks, chair of the Budget and Insurance Committee.

He said the Board acted with taxpayers in mind, and he encouraged residents to peruse the 2013-14 budget information booklet, which is posted online.

Amadio said Superior is in line with the rest of the state in terms of spending. The district budgeted for a 0.4 percent increase in its general fund for 2013-14, which amounts to about $170,000.

Sports complex

The Board also voted Monday to move ahead with plans to offer naming rights for the new outdoor sports complex to be opened in fall 2014.

Ten sponsorship levels were proposed, including three that would grant naming rights to the complex, football field or baseball field.

A "donor wall" is also planned for the complex, and corporations or individuals could buy a space on the wall for as little as $500.

"There's a lot of different levels for people to participate at, and I like that," said Jonathan Asp, School Board clerk.

The proposal was crafted by the sports complex committee, which was approved by the Board last month. Rich Reder and Dave Minor are the citizen representatives on the committee, Bob DeMeyer and Ray Kosey are the faculty representatives and Len Albrecht serves as the Board representative.

At this point, Albrecht said, he isn't comfortable naming potential sponsors.

"There's been some preliminary discussion, but we didn't want to do anything before we ran this by you," Albrecht said.

If the committee finds sponsors interested in naming rights, they will be brought before the Board for approval. The proposed funding levels are set at $500,000 for complex naming rights, $400,000 for the football field and $300,000 for the baseball field.

"This looks like a good starting point," said Board member Robert Morehouse. "Fish around with it and see what comes up."

If sponsors come forward, the Board must decide how to utilize the funds.

"I think there has to be some agreement on where that money is going to go if you get it," Amadio said. He recommended laying aside a certain percentage for additional improvements and using the remainder to replenish Fund 41.

Hendricks said he would prefer to see the money go back into the school district's Fund 41 and its old building fund, which are being tapped to provide $4 million in funding for the new complex.

The Board expects to discuss the matter in greater depth at its December meeting.