MILWAUKEE -- Authorities in Colorado say they've caught up with an Iron River native wanted for killing his ex-girlfriend, driving around with her body in his car trunk and then leaving it in a storage bin.

Benjamin M. Germano, 32, had been charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the murder of Sarah Rosio, the mother of his child. Germano had been on the run for two weeks.

Garfield County sheriff's Cpl. Sheila Frazee says Germano was arrested near New Castle, Colorado, in the western part of the state and is currently in their jail.

Rosio's body was found Thursday in a West Allis, Wis., storage container. She was reported as a missing person with the Milwaukee Police Department. Investigation suggests she was killed during a domestic dispute, police say.

A criminal complaint notes that Germano admitted to a friend to killing Rosio on Jan. 13, saying she had "attacked him at his house in front of his child and that he just snapped." An autopsy showed she probably was strangled to death, the complaint said. It also notes that Germano asked another friend to care for his daughter on Thursday because he had killed her mother.