So do you want to know what the greatest thing you can do with your life is?

The greatest thing you can do with your life is to serve God. Now you may have guessed that I would say that but it's true. Serving God and others gives a sense of purpose and meaning to life like nothing else can. The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction is unparalleled. I mean, what else can you do with your life that will affect someone's eternal destiny and how they relate to the Creator of the universe? I can't think of anything.

When I say serve God, I know many are probably thinking that they have to quit their jobs and become pastors or missionaries in order to do this. This is simply not the case. God wants people who will serve him as doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, fast food workers, etc. Serving God is not dependent upon whether you are clergy or not. All God desires is a loving heart and a willing spirit.

So I want to encourage you to stop living for yourself and start living for God and see how He can use you to affect other people's lives. See whatever your profession is as an opportunity to serve the Lord.

Jason Benjestorf is the pastor of Safe Harbor Fellowship in Superior. He has lived here since 2001. Benjestorf is married with five children. Questions for him can be mailed to The Daily Telegram, 1226 Ogden Ave., Superior, WI, 54880 or sent via e-mail to or