Ashland suspends principal for drinking and driving


ASHLAND (AP) -- Records show an Ashland School District principal received a five-day paid suspension for drinking and driving a district vehicle.

Documents obtained by The Daily Press through a Freedom of Information request show Lake Superior Intermediate School Principal John Esposito also lost the privilege to drive school vehicles for a year.

Online court records show Esposito wasn't cited for drinking and driving.

The school district documents say Esposito and two teachers were traveling to Madison on Jan. 14 for a conference at the time of the alleged drinking and driving.

In a letter to Esposito, Superintendent Peggy Smith says he put his subordinates at risk and demonstrated extremely poor judgment.

Smith tells Esposito he's expected to be a role model in the district for his staff as well as the students and his "blatant disregard of the law reflects poorly on the entire district."

Esposito did not immediately return a call for comment by The Associated Press.