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Walters offered TV fight, if he wins on Sept. 15

Every time Zach "Jungle Boy" Walters steps into the ring, he treats it as if he's fighting for the world championship.

But his next bout on Sept. 15 against Lloyd Brian took on even more importance this week with a pending televised fight waiting in the wings.

Chuck Horton and Sharky Promotions has secured another fight for Walters with the possibly of it being televised on a major cable outlet. The card will again take place at Wessman Arena, but only if Walters can defeat Brian, the current North American Boxing Council cruiser weight champion.

"Zach and Andy (Kolle) both have been offered major fights after this bout," said Chuck Horton, Walters and Kolle's manager and head of Sharky Promotions.

"Both will be televised fights against major competition. We countered their offer saying we'll fight their opponents and we can co-promote it, but we told them they have to do it in Superior in the spring."

Horton wouldn't reveal what cable channel would televise the fights, or who the opponents would be, but he did say that both fighters need to win in two weeks to secure the card.

"They have to win these fights, and these fights aren't going to be that easy," Horton said.

To help him get ready for Sept. 15 at Superior Showdown II at Wessman Arena, Walter's friend, Skulli Armuddson, came to Duluth from Iceland to be his sparring partner.

Armuddson is currently the Iceland heavyweight champion.

Walters (14-1, 11 knockouts) knocked him out in Iceland in 2003 when Sharky Promotions made a trip to Iceland and put on a boxing card.

"They didn't know each other until they fought and now they're best of friends," Horton said. "Now he's come all the way over here to spar Zach and help get him ready."

The last time Armuddson came to Duluth to help out, Walters broke his nose and actually knocked him out.

"We have a great boxing friendship," Walters said. "We had to fight each other before we knew each other and ever since then we've made a promise to help each other get ready for fights. He has a tournament coming up and I have my fight so we're helping each other out."

Walters was excited to hear the news about the future bout, but quickly turned his focus back to Brian, who is 22-13 with 10 KOs.

"Don't even tell me who I'm going to fight," Walters said. "I have to take care of Lloyd first."

Walters recently obtained a tape of Brian's latest fight, his most recent title victory in November.

"It'll be a tough fight," Walters said. "This guy's fought four world champions and he's been all around the world fighting top caliber fighters. Because of that, his record is 22-13, but against a much higher caliber than I've faced.

"He's a cunning, aggressive bomb-throwing type of fighter -- a lot like Rocky Marciano. Forget about the jab, every shot is out to kill.

"The statement we're tying to make, even though I haven't fought guys like he has, is that I'm just as good and can beat this guy just like the other guys did."

Walters believes a higher power has helped him land a fight with Brian and also with the direction Sharkey Promotions is going.

"I feel like boxing is a calling," Walters said. "We have a top-notch boxer from Jamaica coming to Superior, that says something right there. Everything's falling into place. I believe God has been looking out for me. He gave me the skills to box and I have to go out and use the tools He gave me.

"I believe it's a matter of time before things start happening for us (Sharky Promotion). Now I have to go out there and work my butt off like I'm fighting for the world title."

The future bout has added some pressure on Walters, but that's just the way Horton wants it.

"The (next) card's all set -- I want Zach to feel pressure," Horton said. "The more pressure the more he's focused."

BOXING BITS: The co-main event at Superior Showdown II has Andy "Kaos" Kolle (9-1, 7 KOs) of Fergus Falls, Minn., vs. Terry Tock (17-8, 9 KOs), a middleweight bout scheduled for eight rounds. ... General admission tickets ($25) and floor seats ($35) are currently on sale at Benna Ford, Wessman Arena and Goodsports Bar and Grill.

Limited VIP tables are available by calling (218) 310-5200.