Chat about clean water, healthy streams, lakes


Enjoy bagel bites and environmental discussion during three weekly chat sessions, "Bites on Clean Water," that begin Thursday. All chats begin at 9:30 a.m. at Big Apple Bagels, 1224 Belknap St., and are facilitated by Superior Environmental Services staff.

Participants in the Oct. 10 session will discuss how people can reduce impacts on water quality through actions in their homes. The Oct. 17 topic is how people affect local water quality through actions in their yards. The final session Oct. 24 is a discussion on how people can reduce negative impact on water quality.

There are more than 2,000 storm drains in Superior intended to carry rain and snow melt away. But too often other materials go down those drains. Every part of Superior is like an extended shoreline to a local stream or the bay. The discussion includes finding ways to have only rain or melting snow go down storm drains for a healthier environment.

The Environmental Services Division provides bagel bites.

For information, call 715-394-0392.