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Seeking mentors: Fun-loving kid seeks roller skating mentor

Harrison, 9

Personality: Harrison is as creative and fun-loving as a kid can be. He loves to come up with fun ideas and projects and is always initiating games with his neighbors, including their annual neighborhood tent wars in his back yard. He is silly and fun, and is always up for trying new activities. He loves to help his neighbors and is always thoughtful and considerate of those around him.

Interests: Harrison loves to roller skate, go bowling, camping, ride his bike, and crafts. He loves Indian food. Harrison and his friends are always coming up with crazy ideas for skits, videos and neighborhood parties, and Harrison is often the one to take the lead.

Goals/Dreams: If Harrison had two wishes he would want things to be cheaper and be able to go roller skating. A dream he and his mom have is to have their own home someday -- they have everything picked out from the colors of the walls to the garden in the back yard.

Mentor: Harrison would love a mentor that would be up for fun activities and being creative. He loves to get out and do things, and would like a mentor that likes to go roller skating and bowling. He loves to be outside, and he is always up for trying new things. Harrison said he would love to build a tree fort with a mentor and maybe even be in a parade.

INFORMATION: If you would like to mentor Harrison, contact Rebecca Haavik, Mentor Superior Program Advocate, at (218) 393-9160 or e-mail If you would like to mentor any other child through Mentor Superior or Duluth, contact Rebecca or the YMCA at (218) 722-4745, ext. 120.