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Track steps with open access to records

Pastor Mark

Fitness monitors are popular devices today. People wear them on their wrists to record their actions, such as how many steps they take in the course of the day. This enables the development of one’s physical fitness by helping to establish personal goals for their fitness regimen.

However, as good as these devices are, they can only measure the quantity of our steps, not the quality. But my experience suggests it is not how many steps I take, but where these steps take me, that have the greatest influence on my life. Ten thousand steps in the wrong direction can prove hazardous.

There are devices that measure the quality of our steps. They are the messages on your cell phone, the emails on your server, and the internet history on your computer. These reflect where our steps, both real and figurative, have led us each day.

One sign that our steps have not been good is how secretive we are regarding these records. Unless you work for the CIA, or your occupation requires confidentiality, hiding information from your spouse is evidence that something is wrong. You are not walking where you should.

Does your spouse have access to these records? Does he/she know your passwords? Would you surrender this information to them at their request — even help them search?

Open access by our spouse can be positive. Knowing our records are available to those closest to us can help make certain our daily steps are healthy, both in quantity and quality.

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.