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Take some time to uproot life’s weeds

Pastor Mark

Weeding is my least favorite garden chore. Crawling along on hands and knees, pulling out numerous, unwanted plants can turn an hour into a week for me.

It’s not just the tediousness of the job; there are certain weeds with which I would rather not deal. Dandelions have roots that grow down to the center of the earth. Thistles have leaves that jag. Quackgrass has runners that thread all over the place.

Then there are the volunteer plants that have grown from last year’s crop. They entice me to let them be, even if they are growing in an inconvenient spot. After all, they might produce something edible.

However, by not choosing to deal with these unwieldy plants, my garden would suffer greatly. Dandelions and thistles propagate worse than rabbits. Quackgrass will send its roots through every potato I plant. By refusing to remove all of the weeds, my purpose of having a garden is defeated.

Dealing with the weeds in our life is the same. There are unwanted and unhealthy issues in all of us that need to be removed, if we are to grow healthy. But some have developed deep roots and are hard to remove; others inflict pain when we try to deal with them. Some are just attractive and convince us they might be good to keep around.

But like our vegetable gardens, unless we uproot all the weeds, they will overtake us; destroying the reason God planted us in the first place.