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Finding truth in the middle ground

Pastor Mark

The other day I was adjusting a clock so it would keep the correct time. Initially it was running slow, losing about an hour per day. I adjusted it to run faster, discovering, a day later, that it was gaining time. Realizing the correct adjustment lay somewhere between these extremes, I set off, by smaller corrections, to find the point where the clock would run accurately.

Wouldn’t it be great to adjust our lives by this same method? We could consider the extremes and shoot for the truth somewhere in the middle. But we tend to discount the middle ground, believing it is incorrect or unproductive. The extremes develop results. It is people who color outside of the lines and think outside the box that live life to the fullest. Convinced of this, we migrate from one extreme to another, convinced that they hold the answers we seek; only to be left disappointed.

Aristotle the philosopher was a champion for the middle ground of life. He challenged his followers to seek the "via media" (the middle way) because he believed real truth abides there.

The Bible warns us of people who come into our lives proclaiming new saviors or ideologies. We are cautioned not to go after them. They are signs of a confused society.

Coloring outside the lines or thinking outside the box does not guarantee truth. It could simply reveal an inability to color or think normally. Inevitably innovations produce their own errors that require new innovations to correct.

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.