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Myopic to world's needs

I have often heard people referred to as "Prayer Warriors." These individuals are known for their dedication to prayer on behalf of the needs of others. They come from a long line within the Christian church.

At one time, prayer warriors cloistered in monasteries or as hermits and gave themselves totally to prayerful warfare against the powers and principalities of darkness that attack the church and world.

But the activity and number of prayer warriors have diminished over the years. What was once a worldwide vision has been reduced to a more local concern.

In place of intercession against evil worldly influences, we center in on individual physical maladies. Our prayer efforts seem far more concerned with Aunt Gertrude's bunion than the devastation evil is inflicting on our society and world. Where there is nothing wrong with praying for the sick, our restricted present interests have made us rather myopic to the greater needs of community and world.

Perhaps self-sufficiency has helped us place less concern on prayerful intercession. However, with the ongoing global terrorism, genocide, famine, poverty and the growing indifference to spiritual concerns, it is imperative that we put on our spiritual armor and pray against these universal challenges for protection and betterment of our world.

I am not advocating dropping out of civilization, but the broadening of our mindset as we consider prayer and our responsibility for its impact on our world. Who knows what issues we will conquer for mankind and God?

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.