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Optimist award benefits student, school district

Kathy Hinders of the Department of Special Education accepts an Optimist Club service award from Skylar Rogge, the winner of the 2017 Youth Optimist Award. Submitted photo

Skylar Rogge was the winner of the 2017 Youth Optimist Award.

The award consists of a scholarship for the student and a service award for a group or organization of the student's choice.

Applicants are asked to write a short paper about their time with the Optimist Club and how it will help them moving forward; they are also asked to write about the group or organization they chose to receive the service award.

Rogge chose to give the $750 Service Award the Superior school districts Department of Special Education for the purchase of equipment to the deaf and hard of hearing department.

The awards were presented Oct. 25 at the noon meeting of the Optimist Club.

Kathy Hinders, director of the Department of Special Education, accepted the award on behalf of the school district.