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Jack Sweeney - A voice of reason and leadership

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jack Sweeney for many years. Together we have worked on many developments and issues that continue to benefit Superior. Councilor Sweeney is a lifelong resident of the community and has committed his energy and knowledge in bringing about positive results.

Without exception, Jack serves on the Common Council with a mind of fairness to the examination of both sides of an issue that may come before the Common Council. He is always thoroughly prepared in having researched matters affecting the city. Jack takes his position very seriously and is not reserved in asking questions that serve in clarifying the important matters to be decided.

Serving the constituents of the 4th district is Jack's highest priority. He promptly addresses the concerns within his district toward resolution. Most important is that Jack never fails to follow through.

Councilor Sweeney is the voice of reason when seeking the right decisions that benefit the residents of the 4th District and all of Superior.

I encourage the residents of the 4th District to vote for and re-elect Councilor Sweeney to represent your interests.

Bruce Hagen

Former Mayor

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.