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GOP isn’t working for Wisconsin

With elections upcoming, we all have an idea of who we will support. I will admit to a shortcoming on my part. As a progressive, I cannot understand the rationale of those who support the GOP agenda.

Wisconsin leads the nation in the loss of the middle class. Our medical costs are 81 percent higher than the national average and medical deductibles have risen 46 percent this year alone with no response from the Legislature. The state’s poverty level is the highest in 30 years while our GOP legislature has given $21 million in tax breaks to 11 wealthy contributors. Wisconsin has seen setbacks in every facet of the services a state government is sworn to provide. Education, health care, roads, the environment, even our constitutional rights are under attack. Freedom of speech, the right to privacy, and the right to vote are just a few.

Yet the people responsible for this still receive support from the voters. Our present GOP-dominated legislature has done virtually nothing to help our state. They have consistently failed in their attempts to stimulate the economy and create jobs. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has turned out to be a giveaway program for GOP contributors and has failed miserably. It has cost millions in tax dollars that are unaccounted for. Examples like this are abundant. The corruption is blatant and concern for the constituency is nonexistent. How do people convince themselves that voting for the people responsible for this is a good idea?

People here used to work together to solve problems. We had government departments that worked for the people and sought to improve the quality of life within the state. We had our differences and we worked through them by compromise and diligent effort. Now our government is a tool to take tax dollars that are meant to provide services for our state and give them to people who are already wealthy, greedy corporations and rich contributors.

When you vote in the upcoming elections, decide what you support. Be aware of what has been done by the people you voted for last time and think before you vote.