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Reject Johnson’s disgraceful antics

With polls consistently showing him trailing Russ Feingold, Wisconsin’s ethically and intellectually challenged senior senator seems to be running scared.

Here are some of Sen. Ron Johnson’s most disgraceful antics:

• He tried to sneak an amendment into a budget bill that would have prevented the Department of Justice from enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act in private schools that receive public funding. This meant taxpayer-funded voucher schools could refuse to provide necessary services to disabled students. In addition to the harm such discrimination would cause the students it would also harm the already-underfunded and understaffed public schools that must pick up the slack.

• Johnson played a key role in scuttling a reasonable bill that would have prevented the sale of guns to people on the "no fly" terrorist list, and expanded background checks on the sale of guns. The author of this common sense legislation, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, one of the more moderate GOP senators, specifically blamed Johnson for defeating her legislation. Russ Feingold called out Johnson for his "shameful" obstruction of this worthy bill.

• When asked what he thought about the possibility of regulating the heavy use of groundwater by industry and big agriculture, his response was that more regulations were not necessary and would only hurt the economy. In other words, corporate profits take priority over our rights to abundant, clean and safe water.

• He has been dishonest in his attempt to justify the refusal of GOP senators to vote on President Obama‘s nominee for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. He claims that he wants to give the citizens more opportunity to weigh in on the nomination by waiting for the presidential election. This baloney and the motive behind it is transparent to anyone with normal intelligence; the GOP is scared witless that they are about to lose their 50-year run of influence over the Supreme Court along with everything it will mean in terms of wealth and power for the ruling elite.

• He was named to the "Dirty Dozen" by the League of Conservation Voters. This means that Johnson has established himself as one of the most strident anti-environment voices in Congress. Out of 68 votes rated by LCV as crucial for the health of the environment and future generations, Johnson came down on the wrong side 65 times.

Johnson has had almost six years to demonstrate the qualities of character we hope to see in U.S. senators; unfortunately, he has failed this test miserably.

In my opinion, his lack of intellectual and moral integrity is deeply rooted in his personality and is not compatible with honorable public service.

The coming election is an opportunity for the state of Wisconsin to begin reclaiming its past reputation for good government. We can all help this happen by voting for Russ Feingold for U.S. Senate. His intelligence and integrity are beyond reproach.