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Blank devoted to community

I would like to weigh in supporting Dan Blank for re-election as district attorney of Douglas County. In my opinion, he has a proven track record for doing what is best for the community.

I know this opinion will be disputed by those who don’t like him; but hey, his job is not about being popular. It is about doing the right thing as often as is humanly possible and doing it with integrity.

I am a person who has had the opportunity to try to assist people to build their lives on a firm foundation and to become solid citizens, becoming productive members of society.

I believe that Dan Blank holds similar belief and often makes calculated judgments to permit offenders to do the right thing and reclaim their lives. Pleading cases down and sometimes reducing incarceration for some people gives some offender the inspiration to "get it right" and start a new life.

Of course others will waste that opportunity and greater penalties must be applied. The effort to rehabilitate is far superior to the increasing cost to incarcerate and the burden that places on society.

In my opinion, Dan Blank has been a great DA and has devoted a great deal of his life to this community. It would greatly please me to see him continue as district attorney and be an ongoing blessing to this community.