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Blank right guy for DA

I am writing in support of Dan Blank for Douglas County district attorney.

I first met Dan and his wife, Sue, when my wife, Laurie, and I moved to Superior in the spring of 1991. We were two young couples that had adopted Superior as our new home. Our friendship evolved as Dan was elected district attorney and I was elected to the Superior City Council.

I was always amazed at the amount of time Dan dedicated to his community and especially to the youth of Superior. I just assumed it was because he had some extra time on his hands and that it would all change once he and Sue started their own family. It has not changed. Dan continues to be a champion for his community, despite the time constraints that come with his job and family. It is heartwarming to read the many accounts from youth who have been affected directly by Dan Blank as an authority figure, mentor and role model. Dan has always understood that investing in our youth, (yes, even those that have made some mistakes), is the best investment we can make in our future.

Dan is a "big picture" person. In fact, I often suggest he could have been an urban planner because he is always asking questions about how changes in one part of the community will affect other parts of the community.

In my opinion, this is the kind of thinking we should want from our district attorney. This job should be about more than locking up the bad guys. Dan understands that our communities are complex places, and public safety, citizenship and the law all go hand-in-hand to improve our overall quality of life.

I moved from Superior in 1997 to pursue other opportunities. Dan and Sue have had those same types of opportunities, but they have remained committed to Superior and Douglas County.

Dan Blank is the rig