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Vote for education, experience

I’m glad to see we, as voters and taxpayers, have some choices going into the Aug. 9 primary election.

For more than 30 years, the office of county treasurer has been uncontested, in part, because the treasurer has the right by law to pick their own deputy and they almost always pick their friend. The kicker is they retire during their term, making their friend the "incumbent," and when someone runs against them, they "endorse" their friend.

It ties the hands of the county board chairman and the board as a whole in trying to appoint a qualified person to fill the vacant seat. State law says if the treasurer doesn’t finish the term, their deputy takes over. I’m sure the former treasurers are nice people, but their friends don’t always result in the most qualified person to fill the vacancy.

This is the only office in the county, that I am aware of, that seems to think quitting midterm is OK. It should be noted the office staff consists of three; two of the staff have bachelor’s degrees in accounting, while the "incumbent" has no degree.

So here is the point where I would like to "endorse" my friend, Cindy Michalski.

With Cindy, you will get much more than a bunch of yard signs. You will get a lady who always gives 110 percent in all that she does. Cindy has taken her budget and made the most of it by gathering her small family, lacing up their shoes and going door to door in an attempt to meet all the people in and around the city to find out their concerns. Covering many of the homes and personally addressing a few envelopes to the ones who could not be reached, she never expected people to donate money so others could deliver her information. She never put coworkers in the middle by asking for nomination signatures or sign locations.

Cindy has also worked hard to achieve her many goals. She graduated from Superior Senior High School and went on to get a bachelor’s degree in accounting and mathematics from UW-Superior and also took computer programming classes at WITC. Soon after, she started her career with Douglas County in the Treasurer’s Office and just started her 28th year. Cindy also raised two children and worked two and three jobs to get them through college … both receiving their own bachelor’s degrees, one in accounting and the other in marketing.

Cindy advocates for those with mental health issues. Cindy always gives the best customer service and always with a smile.

On Aug. 9, let’s get together to elect the most qualified person to the office of treasurer. Vote for education and experience. Vote Cindy Michalski!