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Many reasons to support Blank for DA

There are many reasons why we should vote for Dan Blank for district attorney.

He is seasoned. He is at the stage of his career when knowledge and experience are working together at optimum levels.

He is balanced. Because he is a family man, it made sense for him help out at UWS during his lunch break, 11-11:45 a.m. so that he could have some prime time to spend with his family. Because he has a well-balanced perspective of the relationships between career and family and community, he also knows the importance and challenges of working with all parties involved in a case while maintaining his objectivity.

He is always professional, always appropriate. I have heard him speak to many student and community groups on subjects ranging from juvenile law and justice, to family law and courts, the task of carefully gathering all pertinent information, the role of mediation and limits of the law as it vies with the personal freedoms guaranteed to each of us by the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Wisconsin.

He is the epitome of civility. When Russ Feingold made an early morning campaign stop at the Bong Airport this spring, I went. There was only one point that I wished to make. As he circled the room shaking hands and thanking us for coming out so early, I kept my focus. He reached out to shake my hand and discovered that I wasn’t about to let go immediately. He looked at me and in that split second that I had his attention I said my piece, "I am here looking for civility in politics." and I let go of his hand. He ended his remarks a few minutes later with a reference to the person at the back of the room who seeks civility. Dan Blank is one of those persons whose civility has always impressed me. From the first time I met him (during his very first campaign when he appeared at the Maple Town Family Picnic and answered my questions, "Why do you want to run for DA of our county? What makes you think that you are qualified for the job? Is this a one shot deal or are you in it for the long haul?" (Another way of asking him if he wanted to use us as an entry on a future resume or would he learn his job well and then hang around and give us the benefit of his experience.) He has hung around and served us well and so I will vote for him again. I hope you will too.