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Crime victims deserve better

I am captain of the Superior police patrol division with 21 years of experience.

I feel it is important to share my experiences dealing with District Attorney Dan Blank.

I have nothing personal against Dan. Outside of his job, he is a very nice person, but I have serious concerns about his methods as district attorney.

Dan Blank repeatedly states he is neither "hard" nor "soft" on crime. He claims to be "smart on crime." I can assure you this is a gimmick. It is a way to avoid being held accountable for his actions.

Dan will not take responsibility for the decisions he makes, often blaming the police or victims themselves.

It irritates me to see the dedicated officers of our department working very hard to do their job only to have their good work overly criticized and criminal behavior minimized by Dan Blank.

I strongly believe, after 25 years as DA, Dan either has no idea how police operate, or he intentionally tries to be difficult. Neither is acceptable.

Dan’s "smart on crime" approach has created an environment in Douglas County where there is no incentive for criminals not to commit more crimes.

I have been the victim of serious crimes on two separate occasions in my life. Through my personal experiences, I can tell you that Dan did not have any concern about me as a victim. I have seen this over and over again with other victims as well. Not only is he not a victim advocate, I have personally witnessed him advocating in court for suspects who have committed awful crimes.

I certainly understand there are many times that a DA has to "plea bargain." I am not against giving a person a second chance. I have a problem with the fifth, sixth, etc.

Dan goes way above and beyond in reducing and dismissing charges and making plea deals. Look at the court record in the newspaper. It quickly becomes clear that if a person commits one crime, they might as well commit 10. The consequences will be the same either way.

After 25 years, I’m certain Dan will not change his approach to crime. Any concerns mentioned to him fall on deaf ears.

I encourage you to speak to any off duty deputy or police officer who can give countless examples of Dan’s many deficiencies on the job. Try and find one victim who has anything positive to say about their experience with Dan.

I worked with Mark Fruehauf while he was working as assistant district attorney. I have no doubt he will do an exceptional job as district attorney.

As the Douglas County deputy sheriff and Superior police unions have done already, the entire Superior police patrol division supervisory staff, including me, and six Superior police sergeants choose to endorse Mark Fruehauf for Douglas County district attorney.

Please vote for Mark Fruehauf on Aug. 9. This is a chance to make a positive difference in our community.