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Blank dedicated to justice

"In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders."

These are the opening lines from a popular TV show, "Law and Order." It is a fitting reminder of what I believe should be paramount in our thinking this Aug. 9 as we consider our choice for Douglas County’s district attorney.

As a veteran of 25 years as DA, Dan Blank has the wisdom and judgment to wisely make decisions respecting the taxpayers’ resources. He has been vigilant in his quest to respect the equally important, yet separate roles of the office of prosecutor and that of law enforcement. It is the exclusive and statutory role of the DA to bring charges against one of our citizens. Once law enforcement has investigated a crime, it is their role to bring these allegations to the district attorney. The decision to bring charges, or not, is in the DA’s purview. It is simply not feasible, nor smart, to prosecute every allegation. The cost to the taxpayer and the capacity of our courts to hear every case is beyond our reach. Decisions must be made by a competent lawyer, the DA.

The Superior Federation of Labor recently interviewed all candidates for contested county races. The candidates for district attorney were interviewed first. While both candidates put forth their credentials adequately, Dan Blank’s style and presentation was a home run. His answers to our questions were clear and thoughtful. He genuinely displays a respect for his constituents.

I heard a man dedicated to the pursuit of justice, not just to make more felons out of some bad decision-maker. Regardless of the severity of the charges being leveled at an offender, Dan recognizes that some degree of respect for all citizens, our neighbors, is due. I’ve watched Dan over his tenure; he is anything but soft on crime. There are many perpetrators of crime that are languishing in prison that would attest to Dan’s voracity for justice and due punishment.

The endorsement of District Attorney Dan Blank by the federation was without hesitation.

I have watched with admiration the job that Dan Blank has done during his 25 years in office. The work is getting done by a seasoned lawyer. We are getting our money’s worth and then some with Dan Blank at the helm. We currently have an experienced, competent legal scholar serving as our DA. Let’s leave well enough alone. Let’s retain the leadership of DA Dan Blank on Aug. 9.