State of Minnesota St. Louis County Dist

State of Minnesota St. Louis County District Court Sixth District Court File Number: 69DU-FA-22-418 Case Type: Domestic Abuse In the Matter of Cheyanne Nicole Wilber vs Jordan Andre Dean Westendorf Order for Service by Alternative Means Minn. Stat.§ 518.ll(c) Upon petitioner’s Application for Service by Alternative Means and the files and records of this action, the Court finds: Personal service on respondent cannont be made. Publication in Superior WI might reasonably succeed in notifying respondent of this proceeding. Therefore, it is ordered pursuant to Minnesota Statute § 518.11( c ): Service newspaper shall once be each made by week for publishing three the consecutive Summons in weeks. Superior, Douglas County, WI in a legal newspaper once each week for three consecutive weeks. Dated: June 15, 2022 BY THE COURT /s/ Jill Eichenwald Judge of District Court (June 24, 2022) 75888