SCHOOL DISTRICT OF SOLON SPRINGS Regular Monthly School Board Meeting AGENDA DATE: Monday, January 16, 2023 6:00 p.m. LOCATION: IMC Location and Public Access Special Note: • Remote School Board Member Participation – Some, or all Board Members, may be connected electronically. • Remote Public Access – Members of the public who wish to connect remotely with the meeting will need to contact Frank Helquist, Superintendent: Email – or WK: 715-378-2263 or go to: • Meeting Audio Recording – The recording of School Board meetings, is available by contacting Frank Helquist, Superintendent. I. CALL THE MEETING TO ORDER, AND ROLL CALL – Indicating those present in person and electronically. II. REPORT ON HOW THE PUBLIC WAS NOTIFIED OF THE MEETING • Published in the Superior Telegram, posted it on High School Door, Bennett Town Hall, & Solon Springs Post Office. III. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next meeting is on the third Monday, February 20 at 6:00 pm IV. AGENDA – consider approval of posted agenda V. FILLING OF BOARD MEMBER VACANCY – consider applicants for vacated seat and swearing in of new School Board Member. VI. MINUTES – consider approval of December 19 Regular Meeting Minutes. VII. EXPENDITURES – consider approval of expenditures VIII. TREASURER’S REPORT – presentation of monthly report and presentation of other updated financial information. IX. ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION – Initial sharing of Audit Report (February ESSER Funds update X. PUBLIC COMMENT • To participate in the Public Comment session each speaker must register prior to the meeting by contacting Frank Helquist at • Speakers have a 3-minute time limit to address any item not listed as part of the agenda for that meeting. • The Public Comment portion of the agenda will be limited to 20 minutes. XI. REPORTS (Discussion & Action) A. Board President B. Student Council C. Athletic Director - update on Athletic Department activities including winter sports, conference re-naming and Cross Country Coop approval. D. Principal Report – update on Student Testing, Hope Surveys, and other happenings. E. Superintendent Report: 1) GED Boot Camp – update on upcoming Northwood Tech HSED Boot Camp in Solon Springs 2) Charter School – update on January 9 Governance Board Meeting 3) CESA 12 – consider approval proposed CESA 12 building purchase resolution 4) Wall of Honor – update on nomination process 5) Foundation – update on January xx meeting. 6) Resilience Project – update on MuGrid grant writing 7) Spring Election – update on timelines 8) Facilities Committee – update on January 5 meeting 9) Health Related Matters – update on any health-related matters affecting school 10) WASB – commitments to attend WASB Convention 11) Policy – need to schedule meeting. 12) Others as Appropriate XII. OLD BUSINESS: A. Maintenance Agreement - consider approval of Maintenance contract for erosion control project. XIII. NEW BUSINESS: A. Personnel – consider resignation of Tracey Duffrin, Janitor XIV. CLOSED SESSION - consider motion pursuant to s. 19.85 (1) (c) for the purpose of discussing Personnel including Superintendent Search. XV. REGULAR SESSION – consider returning to Regular Session for the purpose of taking action on Closed Session discussions and/or for Adjournment. XVI. ADJOURNMENT OF MEETING - consider motion to adjourn (Jan. 13, 2023) WNAXLP 155914