SCHOOL DISTRICT OF SOLON SPRINGS Regular Monthly School Board Meeting AGENDA DATE: Monday, December 19, 2022 6:00 p.m. LOCATION: IMC Location and Public Access Special Note: • Remote School Board Member Participation – Some, or all Board Members, may be connected electronically. • Remote Public Access – Members of the public who wish to connect remotely with the meeting can contact Frank Helquist, Superintendent: Email – or WK: 715-378-2263 or go to: • Meeting Audio Recording – The recording of School Board meetings is available by contacting Frank Helquist, Superintendent. I. CALL THE MEETING TO ORDER, AND ROLL CALL – Indicating those present in person and electronically. II. REPORT ON HOW THE PUBLIC WAS NOTIFIED OF THE MEETING • Published in the Superior Telegram, posted it on High School Door, Bennett Town Hall, & Solon Springs Post Office. III. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next meeting is on the third Monday, January 16, 2023 at 6:00 pm IV. AGENDA – consider approval of posted agenda V. BOARD MEMBER VACANCY – update on vacancy created by Ryan Smith resignation and appointment of Clerk duties VI. MINUTES – consider approval of November 28 Regular School Board Meeting Minutes VII. EXPENDITURES – consider approval of expenditures VIII. TREASURER’S REPORT – presentation of monthly report and presentation of other updated financial information. IX. ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION – update on Revenue Limits and State Aids X. SCHOOL FOREST BIDS – Opening of sealed bids and consider awarding of contract XI. PUBLIC COMMENT • To participate in the Public Comment session each speaker must register prior to the meeting by contacting Frank Helquist at • Speakers have a 3-minute time limit to address any item not listed as part of the agenda for that meeting. • The Public Comment portion of the agenda will be limited to 20 minutes. XII. REPORTS (Discussion & Action) A. Board President B. Student Council C. Athletic Director - update on Athletic Department activities including winter sports and Conference name change status D. Principal Report – update on Student Test Results, Hope Surveys, Coalition Survey schedule, and other happenings. E. Superintendent Report: 1) Charter School – update on Dec. 12 Governance Board Meeting and charter contract discussion 2) Facilities Committee – Update on survey results, School Perceptions recent outcomes information, and discussion of next steps 3) Daycare – update by Director and consider handbook item actions 4) Policy Committee – need to schedule meeting 5) Spring Election – update on timelines 6) Health Related Matters – update on any health-related matters affecting school 7) WASB – commitments to attend WASB Convention 8) Others as Appropriate XIII. OLD BUSINESS: A. Resilience Project – update on potential project grant opportunity and consider $3,000 grant writing expense. XIV. NEW BUSINESS: A. Erosion Project – consider approval of contract with 50% match of $7,500. XV. CLOSED SESSION - consider motion pursuant to s. 19.85 (1) (c) and (f) for the purpose of discussing Personnel matters including update on employee request, discussing consulting contract and staffing updates. XVI. REGULAR SESSION – consider returning to Regular Session for the purpose of taking action on Closed Session discussions and/or for Adjournment. XVII. ADJOURNMENT OF MEETING - consider motion to adjourn (Dec. 16, 2022) WNAXLP 130842