SCHOOL DISTRICT OF SOLON SPRINGS Agenda - Regular Monthly School Board Meeting DATE: June 15, 2020 TIME: 6:00 p.

Agenda - Regular Monthly School Board Meeting
DATE: June 15, 2020
TIME: 6:00 p.m. Regular Meeting
LOCATION: See Special Note below.
Location and Public Access Special Note:
Because of the State Mandated COVID 19, related School Closure Orders the following changes will be in effect for School Board meetings until further notice:
•Remote School Board Member Participation - Some, or all Board Members, may be connecting electronically.
•Public Access & Participation - The COVID 19 School Closing Orders does allow for School Board meetings with less than 10 people present in one meeting space or confined area. A physical location in the Solon Springs School will be made available for individuals wishing to be present.
•Remote Public Access - Members of the public who wish to connect remotely with the meeting will need to contact Frank Helquist, Superintendent: Email - or WK: 715-378-2263.
•Meeting Audio Recording - The recording of this, and most other School Board meetings, is available to the public by contacting Frank Helquist, Superintendent.
I.CALL THE MEETING TO ORDER, AND ROLL CALL - Indicating those present in person and electronically.
-District published Agenda in the Superior Telegram, posted it on the High School Door, the Bennett Town Hall, & the Solon Springs Post Office.
III. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next meeting is on the third Monday, July 20, 2020 (6:00 pm)
IV. AGENDA - consider approval of posted agenda
V.MINUTES - consider approval of May 18 Regular School Board Meeting Minutes
VI.EXPENDITURES - consider approval of expenditures
VII.ACTIVITY FUND ACCOUNT - None available due to DPI accounting report changes.
VIII.TREASURER'S REPORT - presentation of monthly report
•To participate in the Public Comment session each speaker must register prior to the meeting by contacting Frank Helquist at
•Speakers have a 3-minute time limit to address any item not listed as part of the agenda for that meeting.
•Public Comment portion of the agenda will be limited to 20 minutes.
X.REPORTS (Discussion & Action)
A.Board President
B.Student Council - None
C.Athletic Director - update on Athletic Department items. Consider approval of 2020-21 WIAA membership and 30 day summary contact with student athletes by coaches
D.District Administrator:
1)COVID Closing Info - miscellaneous DPI and related information, including back to school
2)Charter School - update on June 8 Governance Board Annual Meeting, evaluation rubrics, public relations and staffing recommendations.
3)Solar Project - update on project continuation and completion including $13,950 Focus on Energy incentive
4)Facilities Committee - update need to schedule meeting for late June/early July and discussion on W 5th Street through parking lot.
5)Policy Committee - consider approval of policies having First Readings previously and set future meeting date
6)WASB Workshops - update on recent and webinar workshop attendance by Board Members
7)Personnel - update on janitor and bus driver postings
8)GED Boot Camp - update on completion of COVID interrupted GED Boot Camp
9)Federal Allocations - update on 2020-21 Federal allocations
10)Others as Appropriate
1)School Calendar, Graduation plans, summer school and staffing update
2)Normal Principal Report
A.Calendar - consider final approval of 2020-21 School Calendar & discuss School Board meeting schedule
A.Personnel - consider approval of staff transfers
B.Hearing - conduct hearing and consider approval of waiver of Educator Effectiveness requirement for 2019-20 school year.
C.Open Enrollment - consider approval of Open Enrollment application
D.Food Service - consider approval of 2020-21 meal prices.
E.Personnel - consider accepting resignation of para-professional Tami Klinzing
XIII.CLOSED SESSION - consider motion pursuant to s. 19.85 (1) (c) and (f) for discussing: 1) Athletic Director compensation and
2)COVID related pay issue
XIV.REGULAR SESSION - consider motion to return to Regular Session.
XV.ADJOURNMENT OF MEETING - consider motion to adjourn
(June 12, 2020) 2843479 WNAXLP