RESOLUTION No. R22-13615 PRELIMINARY RESOLUTION INTRODUCED BY THE PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT DECLARING INTENT TO EXERCISE SPECIAL ASSESSMENT POWERS UNDER WIS. STATUTES 66.0703 TO BLACKTOP THE ALLEYS LISTED IN THE RESOLVING CLAUSE OF THIS RESOLUTION. The Common Council hereby declares its intent to exercise its power under Wis. Statutes 66.0703, to levy special assessments upon property within the following described area for benefits conferred upon such property by the installation of blacktop alleys between: 1. (Alley #1) E 3rd Street to E 4th Street between 4th Avenue E to 5th Avenue E 2. (Alley #2) E 6th Street to E 7th Street between N 21st Street E to 14th Avenue E 3. (Alley #3) E 5th Street to E 6th Street between 11th Avenue E to 12th Avenue E 4. (Alley #4) N 21st Street to N 22nd Street between Ogden Avenue and John Avenue 5. (Alley #5) E 5th Street to E 6th Street between 4th Avenue E to 5th Avenue E 6. (Alley #6) N 63rd Street to N 64th Street between Tower Avenue and Ogden Avenue 7. (Alley #7) N 56th Street to N 57th Street between Tower Avenue and Ogden Avenue 8. (Alley #8) N 21st Street to N 22nd Street between John Avenue and Hughitt Avenue The total amount assessed against such districts shall not exceed 100 % of the total cost of the improvements and the amount assessed against any parcel shall not be greater than the benefits accruing thereto from said improvements. The assessment against any parcel may be paid in cash or in ten (10) annual installments. Public Works has prepared a report consisting of: A. Preliminary plans and specifications for said improvements. B. An estimate of the entire cost of the proposed improvements. C. An estimate as to each parcel of property within the assessment district of: 1) The assessment of benefits to be levied for each improvement. 2) The damages to be awarded for property taken or damaged by each improvement. 3) The net amount of benefits over damages or of damages over benefits for each improvement. 4) The total assessment against each parcel. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a public hearing on this resolution will be held by the Common Council of the City of Superior at 6:30 p.m. on the 20th day of September, 2022, in the Government Center, Board Room 201 and that notice of said hearing is given to all interested persons in the manner provided by law. Passed and adopted this 6th day of September, 2022. (Sept. 16, 2022) 101026 WNAXLP