REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETING School District of Maple Room #2270, Northwestern High School Monday, November 8, 2021 - 5:00 p.

School District of Maple
Room #2270, Northwestern High School
Monday, November 8, 2021 - 5:00 p.m.
This meeting is a meeting of the Board of Education in public for the purpose of conducting the School District's business and is not to be considered a public community meeting. There is a time for public comment during the meeting as indicated in the agenda.
1.Call to order, roll call, and Pledge of Allegiance.
2.Report on how the public was notified.
3.Approval of the November 8, 2021 agenda, open and executive session.
4.Consent Agenda:
a. October 11, 2021 board meeting minutes.
b. Treasurer's Report.
c. Payment of Invoices.
d. Resignation/Employment
5. Approval Items:
a. Request from Jennifer Forsythe, DECA Advisor, and nine (9) DECA members to attend an overnight field trip to the Wisconsin DECA Sports and Entertainment Marketing Conference on December 1-3, 2021 in Green Bay, WI.
b. Requests for overnight trips from Brian Smith, Director of Athletic and Activities for:
•Girls Basketball, JV and Varsity to Menomonie, WI on December 28-29.
•Boys Basketball, Varsity to West Salem, WI on December 28-29.
•WIAA Sportsmanship Summit, Four (4) students and two (2) adults (Mr. Carlson and Ms. Forsythe) in Stevens Point, December 7-8, 2021
•Wrestling Team: December 3-4 in Ellsworth, WI; December 10-11 in Wisconsin Dells, WI; December 29-31 in River Falls, WI; January 21-22 in St. Croix Falls, WI.
c. Revision of Continuity of Services Plan for the 2021-22 School Year: Close Contact for Vaccinated/Non-Vaccinated
d. Contracted Instructional Substitutes
e. Revisions to the Employee Handbook regarding the Employee Voluntary Sick Leave Fund.
6. Administrative reports:
a. Communications Received
b. Final Aid Certification and Tax Levy for 2021-22
c. School Board Election Notice and Scheduled. Maintenance Update
e. 101st State Education Convention - January 19-21, 2022
f. Donation(s)
g. WASB correspondence and legislative report
h. CESA #12 Report
i. Reports from Northwestern High School, Northwestern Middle School, Northwestern Elementary/Iron River Elementary Schools, Athletic Director/Activities Coordinator, Director of Special Education, the Title I newsletter, and Student Board Representatives.
j. Student, staff, and community recognition:
7.Comments from the audience.
8. Consideration for an executive session is necessary for those items exempted under open sessions according to Wisconsin State Statutes §19.85(1)(f). Included under this item are Board approval of two expulsion orders.
9. Adjournment.
(Nov. 5, 2021) WNAXLP 2910153