REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETING School District of Maple Northwestern High School Auditorium Link provided for live stream at Wednesday, March 8, 2023 – 4:00 p.m. This meeting is a meeting of the Board of Education in public for the purpose of conducting the School District’s business and is not to be considered a public community meeting. There is a time for public comments during the meeting as indicated in the agenda. AGENDA 1. Call to order, roll call, and Pledge of Allegiance. 2. Report on how the public was notified. 3. Approval of the March 8, 2023 agenda. 4. Consideration to move to an executive session is necessary for those items exempted under open sessions according to Wisconsin State Statutes § 19.85(1)(c)(e). Included are employee staffing needs, compensation, contracts, and benefits for 2023-24. Reconvene to open session. 5. Consent Agenda: a. Approval of the February 13, 2023 regular board meeting minutes open and executive sessions and the February 20, 2023 special meeting meeting minutes. b. Treasurer’s Report. c. Payment of Invoices. d. Resignations/Retirements/Employment 6. Approval Items: a. Request from Charlie Hessel and Allison Melde and the Visual Arts Classic Team to attend the overnight State VAC Competition April 13-14, 2023 at UW-Madison. b. Request from Laura Johnson, FBLA Advisor, and 15 students to attend the overnight State Leadership Conference and Competition in Green Bay, WI on April 16-18, 2023. c. Request from Kathy Lahti, FCCLA Advisor, and five (5) students to attend the overnight State FCCLA Competition and Convention held in Wisconsin Dells on April 2-5, 2023. d. Start College Now/Early College Credit Program for Fall 2023 e. Technical Excellence Scholarship Recommendation f. WIAA Cooperative Team Renewals: - Girls Gymnastics (Superior, Northwestern) g. Advertising for the Building Construction House Bids h. Tiger’s Den Rate Increase for Summer School i. Preliminary Lay-Off Notices Due to Budget Constraints and Declining Enrollment j. Other Budget Reductions 7. Administrative report: a. Communications c. Primary Canvass Results, Ballot Order and Canvass Notice for the April 4, 2023 school board election. d. Maintenance Update e. WASB correspondence and legislative report f. CESA 12 report g. Donation(s) h. Reports from Northwestern High School, Northwestern Middle School, Northwestern Elementary/Iron River Elementary Schools, Athletic Director/Activities Coordinator, Director of Special Education, and Student Board Representatives. i. Student, staff, and community recognition: WIAA Individual State Wrestling in their weight class: Ian Smith-State Champion with a 1st Place, Tanner Kaufman-2nd Place, Tom Brown-3rd Place. 8. Comments from the audience. 9. Adjournment. (March 3, 2023) WNAXLP 199619