PUBLIC CONTRACT BID NOTICE The Summit Town Board, is authorized to enter into a public contract with a responsible bidder, as defined under s. 60.47 (1), Wis. stats., with an estimated cost for the public contract to the Town of Summit greater than $25,000. The town clerk shall post and publish and this bid notice as a class 2 notice under s. 985.07, Wis. stats., to serve as an advertisement for bids to perform the terms of the public contract for the Town of Summit as described below: 1. The town board, is accepting bids for Project- Summit Town Garage -Public Works project consisting of Stabilization and Repair of Existing Concrete Block Walls and Installation of Insulation and Steel Siding. Building size 100’ by 40’ by 16’ located at 2643 E Milchesky Road, Foxboro WI 54836 2. The town board reserves the right to reject any and all bids submitted for the public contract without any basis, and without disclosure for cause. 3. The bids for the public contract shall be submitted to the Summit Town Clerk by 7:00 pm Monday July 11, 2022 at which time they will be open and read at a noticed board meeting at the Town Hall at 2731 E Milchesky Road, Foxboro WI. 6. The bid specifications can be requested at Bids will be accepted for Project or for Subproject- Repair of block walls or Subproject- Installation of Insulation and Steel Siding 50% payment at start of job with 50% upon completion Certificate of insurance required of successful bidder Send Bids to Summit Garage Bid 1703 E Zuchowski Road Foxboro WI 54836 Point of Contact- Town Chair- Dan Corbin-218-390-0748 and Town Clerk Marie Zuchowski-715-399-2770 (June 17 & 24, 2022) WNAXLP 73987