PROCEEDINGS OF THE DOUGLAS COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Thursday, November 17, 2022, 6:00 p.m., Board Room, Second Floor, Government Center 1316 North 14th Street, Superior, Wisconsin Meeting called to order by Chairman Mark Liebaert. Pledge of Allegiance recited. Roll call taken by County Clerk Susan Sandvick. There were 17 Present, 4 Absent. Absent – Allen, Borgeson (remote), Long, Raunio. Motion by Pomush, second Baker, to approve the October 20 and October 25, 2022, meeting minutes. Motion carried. CLAIMS Summons in a Civil Action and Complaint by Christopher P. Raddant, alleging use of excessive force, negligence, battery and punitive damages, while present on the premises of the Douglas County Jail. PRESENTATIONS Tim Johnson, Court Officer for the Jail, thanked for his service to the county and congratulated on his Employee of the 3rd Quarter Award. Ashley Vande Voort, Land Conservationist and Matt Bolen, Agricultural Technician, gave presentation on Douglas County agriculture. Bolen provides agricultural services to Douglas County while also serving Ashland, Bayfield and Iron Counties in wildlife damage abatement and claims. Agricultural services include the assistance of creating nutrient management plans with farmers for financial incentives from available grants. PUBLIC COMMENT None. ORDINANCES Amendment to Ordinance 8.0, Zoning Ordinance, presented by the Zoning Committee. Motion by Bergman, second Moen, to adopt. Motion carried. RESOLUTIONS #61-22: Resolution by the Land and Development Committee recommending land sales. Motion by Jaques, second Luostari, to adopt. Motion carried. #62-22: Resolution by the Administration Committee recommending budgetary transfers. Motion by Baker, second Jaques, to adopt. Roll call vote taken and passed with 17 Yes, 0 No, 4 Absent. Absent – Allen, Borgeson, Long, Raunio. #63-22: Resolution by the Public Safety Committee requesting the State of Wisconsin review and revise the entry level compensation rate for Assistant District Attorneys. Motion by Pomush, second Baker, to adopt. Motion carried. #64-22: Resolution by Supervisors on the Extension, Education and Recycling Committee recommending approval of Agreement between Northwest Regional Planning Commission and Douglas County for administration of the Douglas County Responsible Unit. Motion by Hendrickson, second Glazman, to adopt. Motion carried. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT: Written report reviewed. COUNTY BOARD CHAIR REPORT: Liebaert reported on various county activity. APPOINTMENTS: Motion by Pomush, second Baker, to approve the following appointment by County Board Chair: Susan Hendrickson – Northern Waters Library Service Board. Motion carried. COMMITTEE REPORTS: Peterson – Chamber of Commerce. Jaques - Health & Human Services Board; Administration Committee. Hendrickson – Land Conservation Committee; Extension, Education & Recycling Committee. Bergman – Zoning Committee. APPROVAL OF BILLS AND CLAIMS: Motion by Jaques, second Hendrickson, to approve. Motion carried. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS: Carbon credit agreement. ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Pomush, second Peterson, to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:46 p.m. Next regularly scheduled meeting – December 15, 2022. Submitted by, Susan T. Sandvick, Douglas County Clerk (Dec. 9, 2022) 124869 WNAXLP