NOTICE OF RABIES VACCINATION AND DOG LICENSE REQUIREMENTS In accordance with Section 174.052 of the Wisconsin Statutes, notice is hereby given that, pursuant to Sections 95.21(2) and 174.05 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the owner of a dog more than five months of age on January 1, or five months of age within this year, shall annually, prior to April 1, or on or before the date the dog becomes five months of age, pay the dog license tax and obtain a license. Late fees may be assessed after April 1. Licenses are obtained from the treasurer of the municipality in which the dog is kept. Notice is hereby further given that evidence that the dog is currently immunized against rabies must be presented before a license will be issued. All license taxes are held in “a dog license fund”. After deducting expenses incurred in administering the dog license law, any surplus in excess of $1,000.00, is paid to the Douglas County Humane Society, in accordance with Section 174.09 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Kaci Jo Lundgren Douglas County Clerk (March 3, 2023) WNAXLP 199410