Notice of Pending Application for Placem

Notice of Pending Application for Placement of Miscellaneous Structures on the Bed of the Nemadji River Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership (Enbridge Energy), 11 East Superior Street, Suite 125 Duluth, MN 55802 has applied to the Department of Natural Resources (Department) for a permit to place miscellaneous structures on the bed of the Nemadji River (WBIC 2835300). The project is located in NW 1/4, SE 1/4, Section 01 Township 48N, Range 14W located in City of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin. Enbridge Energy plans to complete depth of cover remediation along their existing Line 6A pipeline at the Nemadji River crossing. Line 6A was identified as having low depth of cover at the Nemadji River crossing, located entirely within a scour hole located on the outer left cut bank of the channel. The proposed project will place 24 cubic yards of sandbags and 35 cubic yards of ripap within the scour hole. The total area of permanent waterway fill will be 1,307 square feet (0.03 acres). All riprap and sandbags will be placed by hand using divers supported in-water by boats. No excavation, grading, or dredging will occur. The purpose of the proposed project is to implement long-term pipeline protection measures at the Line 6A Nemadji River crossing and prevent the pipeline exposure length from increasing due to erosion. The proposed project will result in 22,651 square feet (0.52 acres) of temporary wetland fill from the placement of construction matting within the access route and temporary workspace located outside of the Nemadji River. The Department will review the proposal provided by the applicant and any information from public comments and the public informational hearing. The Department will determine whether the proposal complies with ss. 1.11, 30.12, and 30.208, Stats., and ch. NR 150, Wis. Adm. Code, and ensure that the required mitigation meets the standards in s. 281.36(3r), Stats. if the project impacts wetlands. The Department has made a tentative determination that it will issue the permit for the proposed activity. If you would like to know more about this project or would like to see the application and plans, please visit the Department’s permit tracking website at and search for IP-NO-2023-16-N00099. Reasonable accommodation, including the provision of informational material in an alternative format, will be provided for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. Any person may submit comments and/or request a public informational hearing by emailing or writing to Macaulay Haller, 101 S. Webster St., PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707-7921 by U.S. mail. If you are submitting general comments on the proposal, they must be emailed or postmarked within 30 days after the date this notice is published on the Department’s website. If you are requesting a public informational hearing, the request must be emailed or postmarked within 20 days after the date this notice is published on the Department’s website. A request for hearing must include the docket number or applicant name and specify the issues that the party desires to be addressed at the informational hearing. If no hearing is requested, the Department may issue its decision without a hearing. If a public informational hearing is held, comments must be postmarked no later than 10 days following the date on which the hearing is completed. The final decision may be appealed as indicated in the decision document. Docket Number IP-NO-2023-16-N00099 STATE OF WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES For the Secretary BY: /s/ Macaulay Haller Environmental Analysis and Review Specialist Date: May 9, 2023 (May 12, 2023) WNAXLP 223240