INITIAL RESOLUTION OF THE VILLAGE OF OLIVER VACATING AND DISCONTINUING CERTAIN STREETS/ALLEYS Nature of Hearing WHEREAS, the following described streets/alleys in the Village of Oliver, Wisconsin are platted and it is deemed necessary, and in the public interest to vacate said streets/alleys pursuant to Section 66.1003(4) of the Wisconsin Statutes; and WHEREAS, the Village of Oliver has recommended the vacating of said streets/alleys; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the public interest requires that the following described streets/alleys located within the Village of Oliver be vacated and discontinued, subject to all utility and sewer easements and usages existing thereon, and future construction and maintenance rights and access for all utility and sewer easements, including access rights incidental to such easements and usages: 1. Streets/ Alleys vacated A. Vacate that portion of Grand A venue between Lots 16-18, Block 30 and Lots 28-30, including vacated alley, Block 31, Oliver Central Division. B. The legal description of the lots which are affected by the proposed vacation are as follows: (i) OL-165-01557-00 -Lots 12-17 inclusive, Block 30, Oliver Central Division, Section 12, Township 48N, Range 15. (ii) OL-165-01558-00 - Lot 18, Block 30, Oliver Central Division, Section 12, Township 48N, Range 15. (iii) OL-165-01582-00 - Lots 29 and 30, Block 31, Oliver Central Division, Section 12, Township 48N, Range 15. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a public hearing on this resolution will be held by the Village Board at Oliver, Wisconsin, on the 22nd day of February, 2022 in the Village. Hall, Oliver, Wisconsin, and that notice of said hearing was given to all interested persons in the manner provided by law. PASSED AND ADOPTED THIS 28th day of December, 2021. VILLAGE OF OLIVER BY: /s/ Gary Abraham, President ATTEST: /s/ Julie Abraham, Village Clerk Subscribed and sworn to before me this 28 day of December, 2021. /s/ Notary Public, Douglas County, Wisconsin My Commission: Permanent TIDS INSTRUMENT WAS DRAFTED BY: Stephen J. Olson Maki, Ledin, Bick & Olson, S.C. 1109 Tower Avenue Superior, WI 54880 (715) 394-4471 (Jan. 14, 21 & 28, 2022) 22638 WNAXLP