APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL OF CLASS B LIQUOR & B BEER LICENSES June 5, 2020 The Common Council of the City of Superior, Douglas County, WI.


June 5, 2020
The Common Council of the City of Superior, Douglas County, WI.
The following hereby applies for renewal of a Class B Liquor & B Beer license for the license period July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

Corp Name:Superior Ales, LLC
Trade Name:7 West Taphouse
Address:1319 Tower Avenue, Rick Lampton, Agent

Corp Name:RamCorp, Inc
Trade Name:Aces On 29th
Address:2827 Oakes Avenue, Brian Larson, Agent

Corp Name:Anchor Bar Limited, LLC
Trade Name:Anchor Bar
Address:413 Tower Avenue, Jean Prettie, Agent

Corp Name:Apple Minnesota, LLC
Trade Name:Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar
Address:3605 Tower Avenue, Sabrina Maki, Agent

Corp Name: Musl, Inc.
Trade Name:Average Joe's Pub and Grub
Address:1310 N 5th Street, Regina M. Fondness, Agent

Corp Name:Barkers License, Inc.
Trade Name:Barkers Island Inn
Address:300 Marina Drive, Carolyn Shea, Agent

Corp Name:Belgian Club, Inc.
Trade Name:Belgian Club
Address:3931 E. 2nd Street, James Trianoski, Agent

Corp Name:Dominics, Inc.
Trade Name:Belknap Lounge & Liquor
Address:130 Belknap Street, Alan Jaques, Agent

Corp Name:Zenith Asset Company, LLC
Trade Name:Best Western Bridgeview
Address:704 Roosevelt, Elizabeth Bolts, Agent

Corp Name:JKCG Enterprises, LLC
Trade Name:Birds Bar
Address:5801 Tower Avenue, Cory Gatzke, Agent

Corp Name:P.L.T., Inc.
Trade Name:Builders Saloon
Address:619 Tower Avenue, Thomas Kurtz, Agent

Corp Name:Capri Investments Inc.
Trade Name:Capri Bar
Address:1224 Tower Avenue, Ronald Geegan, Agent

Corp Name:Cameo Investments II, LLC
Trade Name:Centerfolds Cabaret
Address:702 Tower Avenue, Rodrick Peddycoart, Agent

Corp Name:Steffan, Timothy J
Trade Name:Champion's Lounge
Address:715 Belknap Street, Sandy Steffen, Agent

Corp Name:Charlie Brown's Of Superior, Inc.
Trade Name:Charlie Brown's
Address:1828 Iowa Avenue, Mark Fulda, Agent

Corp Name:New China Inc.
Trade Name:New China
Address:15 Belknap Street, Wei Min Ye, Agent

Corp Name:Marsh Superior, LLC
Trade Name:Choo Choo Bar & Grill
Address:5002 E. 3rd Street, Sherri Nelson, Agent

Corp Name:Dodgies East End Tavern, LLC
Trade Name:Dodgies East End Tavern
Address:2114 E. 5th Street, Michael Dodge, Agent

Corp Name:Conner, Dina
Trade Name:Eddie's
Address:5221 E. 4th Street, Dina Conner-Ryan, Agent

Corp Name:Elks (Superior Lodge) #403, BPOE
Trade Name:Elks Club
Address:1503 Belknap Street, Troy Magnuson, Agent

Corp Name:Flame Nightclub, Inc. (The)
Trade Name:Flame Nightclub
Address:1612 Tower Avenue, Vince Nelson, Agent

Corp Name:Eagles Aerie #80, Fraternal Order Of
Trade Name:Fraternal Order Eagles Aerie 80
Address:1710 N. 12th Street, Lindsey Raudebaugh, Agent

Corp Name:Golden Inn, Inc.
Trade Name:Golden Inn Restaurant
Address:24 E Street, Ashley Lisdahl, Agent

Corp Name:Range Restaurants, LLC
Trade Name:Grizzly's Grill N' Saloon
Address:3405 Tower Avenue, Rick Lampton, Agent

Corp Name:Pro Edge, Inc.
Trade Name:Gronks Grill & Bar
Address:4909 E. 2nd Street, Michael Mohr, Agent

Corp Name:TAF & TOL LLC
Trade Name:The Tipsy Beaver Bar
Address:3823 E. 2nd Street, Millisa J. Tollers, Agent

Corp Name:Guadalajara Enterprises, Inc.
Trade Name:Guadalajara
Address:69 N. 28th Street, Maria Jacinto, Agent

Corp Name:Hammond Liquors, Inc.
Trade Name:Hammond (The)
Address:1402 N. 5th Street, Glen Paul Heytens, Agent

Corp Name:Head of the Lakes Management Group
Trade Name:HOL Fair, Amsoil Speedway
Address:4700 Tower Avenue, Jerry Schnell, Agent

Corp Name:Hudy's Bar, LLC
Trade Name:Hudy's Bar
Address:2126 E. 5th Street, James Ronning, Agent

Corp Name:IKIS Inc.
Trade Name:Izzy's BBQ Lounge
Address:1506 N. 3rd Street, Isadore Turner Jr, Agent

Corp Name:Geegan, Ronald E
Trade Name:Jack's Place
Address:1923 Tower Avenue, Ronald Geegan, Agent

Corp Name:Jimmy's Saloon, LLC
Trade Name:Jimmy's Saloon
Address:1812 Iowa Avenue, Keith Kern, Agent

Corp Name:Keyport Of Superior, Inc.
Trade Name:Keyport Liquor Outlet & Lnge
Address:1900 Belknap Street, Mark T Casper, Agent

Corp Name:Lady Vi Enterprises Inc.
Trade Name:Lady Vi's
Address:628 Tower Avenue, ViAnn Rask, Agent

Corp Name:Mencel Corporation
Trade Name:Landmark Lanes
Address:1914 Broadway Street, Carl S. Mencel, Agent

Corp Name:The Last Resort LLC
Trade Name:Last Resort
Address:318 Tower Avenue, Richard Harris, Agent

Corp Name:Wermter, Donald H & Debra E
Trade Name:Lost in the 50's
Address:1809 N. 3rd Street, Donald Wermter, Agent

Corp Name:Atypical Enterprises, Inc
Trade Name:Main Club
Address:1217 Tower Avenue, Tracy A. Drake, Agent

Corp Name:Mike Meyers, LLC
Trade Name:Mike's Place
Address:1807 N. 11th Street, Mike Meyers, Agent

Corp Name:Kemper Sports Management, Inc.
Trade Name:Nemadji Golf Course
Address:5 N. 58th Street, Ethan Anderson, Agent

Corp Name:Palace Bar, LLC
Trade Name:Palace Bar
Address:1108 - 1110 Tower Ave, Brian Noel, Agent

Corp Name:Presidents
Trade Name:President's Tavern, Inc.
Address:3824 E. 2nd Street, James T Bolin, Agent

Corp Name:Pudge's, LLC
Trade Name:Pudge's
Address:2223 E. 5th Street, Walter Haugen, Agent

Corp Name:Schultz' Sports Bar, Inc.
Trade Name:Schultz's Sports Bar
Address:1307 N. 5th Street, Ed Schultz, Agent

Corp Name:Shack, Inc. (The)
Trade Name:Shack (The)
Address:3301 Belknap Street, Stacy Kyrola, Agent

Corp Name:Shamrock Bar & Pizza, Inc.
Trade Name:Shamrock Bar & Pizza
Address:5825 Tower Avenue, Sandra Thomson, Agent

Corp Name:Shorty's Pizza and Smoked Meat, Inc.
Trade Name:Shorty's Pizza and Smoked Meat
Address:1015 Tower Avenue, Brian Noel, Agent

Corp Name:Heller, Jeffery W.
Trade Name:Spirit Room
Address:1323 Broadway St. Room 110, Jeffery Heller, Agent

Corp Name:Carlson, Greg
Trade Name:Striker's Bar
Address:1906 Broadway, Greg Carlson

Corp Name:Miners, Inc
Trade Name:Super One Liquor
Address:2202 E 2nd Street, Suite 807, Tyree Je'an Johnson, Agent

Corp Name:Superior Curling Club
Trade Name:Superior Curling Club
Address:4700 Tower Avenue, Jim Lehto, Agent

Corp Name:Moose #606, Loyal Order Of
Trade Name:Superior Moose Lodge 606
Address:66 E. 5th Street, Michael J. Nevin, Agent

Corp Name:Shelly LLC
Trade Name:Tavern 105
Address:1811 Central Avenue, Shelly Rantala Nelson, Agent

Corp Name:Dandrea WI, Inc.
Trade Name:Tavern 1201
Address:1201 Tower Avenue, Aaron Dandrea, Agent

Corp Name:Third Base of Superior, LLC
Trade Name:Third Base Bar
Address:1218 Tower Avenue, Dane Bushey, Agent

Corp Name:Lakewalk Brewery & Café Co.
Trade Name:Thirsty Pagan Brewing
Address:1615 Winter Street, Steve Knauss, Agent

Corp Name:Schelin, Jeffrey Paul
Trade Name:Top Hat Tavern
Address:705 Tower Avenue, Jeffrey Schelin, Agent

Corp Name:Tower Avenue Tavern, Inc.
Trade Name:Tower Avenue Tavern
Address:405 Tower Avenue, Andrew Saari, Agent

Corp Name:Dalbec Investments Inc.
Trade Name:Viking Bar
Address:1501 N. 5th Street, Tyler R. Dalbec, Agent

Corp Name:Wasabi 33 LLC
Trade Name:Wasabi
Address:3333 Tower Avenue, Xin Li, Agent

Corp Name:M.W.G. Inc.
Trade Name:Who's Bar
Address:1114 Tower Avenue, Darlene Lindberg, Agent

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