Advertisement for Electronic Bids For Co

Advertisement for Electronic Bids For Construction at Solon Springs Municipal Airport Project no. OLG1005 – AIP-10 THIS PROJECT WILL BE ELECTRONICALLY BID. Paper bids will NOT be accepted or allowed. Sealed ELECTRONIC proposals for the work described herein will be received until 2:00 p.m., local time, Thursday, June 9, 2022, by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Aeronautics, on behalf of the Secretary, authorized agent for the airports listed above, in accordance with Wis. Stat. §114.32(3). Bids will be unsealed (electronically opened) as provided above and will be publicly read. The bid opening will be broadcast live via Teams. The correct meeting and call-in information for the bid opening is: Call in (audio only) +1 608-571-2209,,926244708# United States, Madison Phone Conference ID: 926 244 708# This contract is federally funded with an established DBE goal, dollar values will not be shown until after the 24-hour supplemental information timeline has expired for DBE documentation submission and bid responsiveness has been determined by the Department. Bids determined to be non-responsive will not have results posted. The bid results will be posted to the Bureau of Aeronautics’ website and here: Electronic Bid submittal: Bids must be submitted via the bidding service. No paper bids will be accepted. Bids will not be accepted past the established deadline for the close of bids. Description of work: Crack seal, micro-surfacing, slurry leveling, and pavement marking Estimate of major quantities: 28,223 sy micro-surfacing, 11,500 sf marking DBE Goal: 6.25% Contract Completion Time: October 31, 2022 Proposals: Proposal forms are included with the plans and specifications, and are subject to the provisions of Wis. Stat. §66.0901(7). Plans and specifications: Plans and specifications can be obtained free of charge and at the following site: Proposal ELECTRONIC Submittal: This contract is being electronically bid. The bid template within platform established for the project includes all elements required to be submitted with the contract. Required fields are established within the template. Automatic checking of the bid proposal will identify if any required fields are missing and alert the bidder to complete the missing information prior to final submission. Submission of an incomplete bid will result in the bid not being opened, and/or rejected as non-responsive. Plan holder registration required: Plans and specifications are available to anyone after completing a simple registration. There is NO cost to obtain a registration. Registration is required to be recorded as a plan holder. Registered plan holders will be notified of important project information such as issuance of addendums or other critical information. Only the prime or general contractor selecting to submit a bid is required to obtain additional Digital ID credentials. Please see the BOA website notice 2 for information on how to register. Bureau Transition to Electronic Bidding – Notice 2 ( Bidder Digital ID Required: Firms who select to submit a bid MUST also obtain a free digital ID in addition to registering. Obtaining a digital ID is relatively quick, however it may take a couple of days to complete the process. Please request and obtain registration and digital ID’s as early as possible to not jeopardize your ability to submit a bid. There is NO cost to obtain a digital ID. Please see the BOA website Notice 2 for information on how to obtain a digital ID. Bureau Transition to Electronic Bidding – Notice 2 ( Cost to bid: There are two options for bidders to submit bids: A cost of $35 per project, or a monthly subscription wherein the bidder is able to submit bids for all projects in system for $50 per month. Subscriptions can be turned on and off at any time by the registered user. Only the prime or general contractor submitting a bid are responsible for payment. Proposal guaranty: A bid security in the amount of 5% of the total amount of the bid is required for the contract. Each proposal must be accompanied by a bid bond, certificate of annual bid bond, a certified check, bank’s draft, bank’s check, or postal money order made payable to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary for 5% of the total amount bid. The electronic template will allow the following options for meeting the proposal guaranty. E-Verify bid bond (Surety2000 & SurePath), uploading a copy of the bid bond or certificate of annual bid bond, certified check, bank draft, or money order. Any bid security, other than a E-verified bond or certificate of annual bid bond is provided, the department will require that the apparent two lowest bidders to mail or hand-deliver the original bond, certified check, bank draft, or money order to the Bureau of Aeronautics by close of business two business days following the close of bids and must be received by the Bureau of Aeronautics no later than 5 days from the posting of the bid results. Qualification of bidders: IMPORTANT: A paper hard copy prequalification is required to be submitted PRIOR to the bid opening. The proper prequalification form must be sent to the DOT to establish prequalification and remain valid prior to the deadline for prequalification indicated below. Prequalification’s submitted after the deadline will be processed but a bid from that firm will not be opened for any project where the deadline has been exceeded. The following prequalification is required for this contract: 1. TWO prequalification methods are acceptable for this project. EITHER Bureau of Aeronautics “Statement of Bidder’s Qualifications and Experience” (AKA: “Short form”) will apply. OR the Bureau of Project Development “Prequalification Statement” (AKA: “Highways”). If your firm does not already hold a valid WisDOT highways prequalification and you do not expect to bid WisDOT highways projects in the future, please complete the simplified Bureau of Aeronautics “short form”. Bid proposals will be opened only from those firms that have established their qualifications for the work being bid upon. If a prospective bidder has previously submitted hold a current and valid (not expired or revoked), proper statement and received prior approval from the department, a re-submittal for this project is not required. Any prospective bidder who has not previously established their qualifications must file a pre-qualification statement on the proper forms and be received by the department no later than 12:00 noon, local time, Friday, May 27, 2022. Only prime or general contractors submitting the bid need to be prequalified; subcontractors do not need to be prequalified. The qualification statement is a sworn statement and consist of information relating to financial ability, equipment, and experience in the work prescribed in this proposal. The statement shall be in writing on the proper standard form furnished by the department. The department will evaluate the statement and determine acceptability prior to bid acceptance. Failure to establish prequalification as stipulated will result in the bid not being opened and/or rejected. Federal Requirements: This project is federally funded, and federal provisions and requirements apply. Federal provisions made part of, but not limited to this contract include: Buy American Preference, Federal Tax Certification, Foreign Trade Restriction, Davis Bacon, Affirmative Action, Governmentwide Debarment and Suspension, Governmentwide Requirements for Drug-free Workplace. Hours of labor and minimum wage rates: Pursuant to regulations provided by applicable federal and/or state laws, the hours of labor and minimum wage rates are set forth in the proposal. Affirmative action: The department hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively insure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, sex, or national origin in consideration for an award. Affidavit of non-collusion: A required affidavit of non-collusion will be incorporated as part of the proposal for each prospective bidder. Failure to complete and sign the sworn statement makes the bid non-responsive and ineligible for award consideration. By completing the electronic signature and submitting the proposal, each bidder by or on behalf of the person, firm, association, or corporation submitting the bid, certifies that such person, firm, association, or corporation has not, either directly or indirectly, entered into agreement, participated in any collusion, or otherwise taken any action, in restraint of free competitive bidding in connection with the submitted bid. This sworn statement shall be executed and sworn to by the bidder before a person who is authorized by the laws of the state to administer oaths. Pre-bid conference: A formal pre-bid will not be held for this project. Any interested party may contact the project manager at the number listed below to discuss the project. Any questions/answers resulting from an inquiry will be shared with all plan holders. A physical visit of the site may be coordinated with airport management. Questions arising from site visits shall be submitted by email to the contact person below. Answers will be provided to all plan holders via a subsequent addendum. For further information, contact Josh Holbrook at 608-267-2143, email,. Represented by Craig Thompson, Secretary Department of Transportation Sponsor’s Authorized Agent (May 20 & 27, 2022) WNAXLP 64898