Three Wisconsin-based TV brands - Discover Wisconsin, Into the Outdoors and Boondock Nation - announced the launch of their own channels on the Roku streaming platform.

Discover Wisconsin is the state's leading media brand and tourism TV show. Into the Outdoors is a children's environmental education TV show, and Boondock Nation is a premier backcountry snowmobile media network and TV show.

Discover Mediaworks, the parent company of the brands, is owned by St. Germain natives Mark and Lisa Rose.

"Roku will be an excellent way to gain an audience these brands might not have otherwise reached," said Mark Rose, CEO of Discover Mediaworks. "We're so proud of the content that these three shows have put out over the years, and we can't wait for the rest of the world to see it too."

Roku is a device and streaming platform that delivers TV content via the internet without requiring users to subscribe to traditional cable or satellite services. The device connects to TVs and gives users access to both free and subscription channels. There are 38 million Roku users worldwide.