Three students qualified to compete at the state level following virtual district music auditions March 17: Gabriel Thomas, AJ Ketola and Emma Jones. The event was sponsored by the Superior Area Music Teachers Association, a local chapter of Wisconsin Music Teachers Association.

There were 38 participants representing four teachers: Dr. Hector Landa, Alex Sandor, Roberta Grube and Eliana Lammi.

Points are awarded each year and accumulated over time. Those who received their 22-point plaque this year include Landyn Bartelt, Anna James, Benjamin Jondreau, Gianna Jones, Mario Landa, Philip Mogen, Mary Pearson, Ashlynn Stepec, Ellie Stepec, Emery Stepec, Gabby Stepec and Oliver Stepec.

The 75-point bar was awarded to Reagan Eberhardt, AJ Ketola, Jillian Romich and Gabriel Thomas.

The 100-point plaque was earned by Thomas Lammi and Emily Thompson.

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Selah Swanson earned her 150-point bar.

Emma Jones and Jayden Ketola earned their four-year high school participation medal.

For more information about this organization and competitions, visit or visit the Superior Area Music Teachers Association Facebook page.