A new film shot in the Northland comes home for the Duluth Superior Film Festival.

The project was entirely shot in Duluth and Cloquet, Minnesota, with a short segment filmed in Superior, according to co-director Alex Gutterman. The cast and crew was drawn 99 percent from a Minnesota talent pool, both from the Duluth area and the Twin Cities - John A. Cromwell of Los Angeles, originally a Minnesota native, was flown in to play Father Jim.

Cinematography from the bleak winter of 2013 captures the vast solitude, lonely industrial settings, and the fragility of human individuals, their dreams and passions and hurts against such an implacable background, Gutterman said.

The film focuses on Annika, a young woman abandoned by parents, left to deal with her aging and senile grandfather, performed by Dale Botten of Lake Nebagamon, while confronting poverty, isolation and sexual oppression. When Mark, a wealthy, married stranger on his way to a sailing competition visits her bleak lakeside town during the dead of winter, a quiet but intense entanglement develops. Opened and transformed as a result of the affair, Annika faces possibilities normally unavailable to people of her class, while Mark gradually falls into a forlorn, cold solitude.

The independent film will be featured during the Duluth Superior Film Festival at 7:30 p.m. June 1 at Teatro Zuccone in Duluth.

For information about the film, visit www.inwinterfilm.com.