An author with ties to Douglas County has published his first book. Christopher Rosin, whose family has both a cabin and an ancestral connection in the town of Gordon, independently published “The Immortality Recipe” Nov. 27.

The juvenile fiction book is the story of a girl who suspects her grandmother’s secret recipe is a spellbook and discovers a secret order that protects the secrets of alchemy and immortality.

“It was my dream to become a writer since I was a kid,” said Rosin, 34, a mental health specialist who lives in Racine. “I chose the juvenile fiction genre because I am in touch with my inner child.”

The story was inspired by a journal cover in 2015. Rosin said he was prompted to finish and publish the book when his grandmother, Iona Post, was in hospice.

“I decided to publish on Amazon when my grandma was on her deathbed and told me she had a novel in her bottom drawer,” he said. “Realizing that I had let fear disguised as perfectionism keep my own project so close to my chest all these years, I became determined to finish the book in time to tell Granny I became an author before she passed, and I did. She actually got to read the book.”

At one point, his computer broke. Rosin said he was so motivated to complete the book that he finished it on a tablet borrowed from the local library.

The Racine man said readers will recognize the Northwoods setting from the opening line, "Magic is in the woods of white birch, mossy pines and leaves the colors of fire."

The self-published book is available on Amazon.

“The feedback I've gotten has been phenomenal,” Rosin said. “One friend used it for her book club. It was exciting to sign my first autograph with a colleague, and another person was lined up with their copy.”

He plans to continue writing, and to someday publish his grandmother’s work.

“We were in the process of having an illustrator work on her children's book when she passed, and I talked with him about carrying on,” Rosin said.