Sellers Auction routinely holds auctions offering memorabilia, collectibles, antiques, tools, household wares and other bric-a-brac.

But never before has the auction house that got its start in Duluth and reopened in Superior held an auction featuring fine art.

(Jed Carlson / The auction will include an etching from Salvador Dali’s 1978 “Zodiac” series.
(Jed Carlson / The auction will include an etching from Salvador Dali’s 1978 “Zodiac” series.
That is, until Jan. 26, when Sellers Auction hosts its first.

"So, we buy estates. That's part of what we do," said Christina Kirk, who partnered with Mickey Greene to resurrect Sellers Auction in Superior about two years ago. "And several months ago, actually, we cleaned up a house on this really fancy golf course ... up on the Range. This woman's parents passed away, and they had some tremendous art pieces."

Initially, she said, they didn't know what to do with them.

"We could just put them on auction, just any old sale, or we could throw them on eBay, but really when you look around there's not really a lot of good art outlets," Greene said. "So we thought 'we're in the auction business. There's nobody doing art auctions ... let's just do a really nice fine art auction.'"

Kirk and Greene set their sights on hosting the event featuring the works of some notable artists.

Some artists include Antonio (No-No) Candelas, a Mexico-born American painter; Spain's Vicente Viudes, whose painting "The Market" sold for $9,750 at Sotheby's New York; and Pierre Le Colas, a painter whose work is reminiscent of Salvador Dali, according to Greene.

"I wish we could say that we have a Rembrandt and a Monet," Kirk said.

While the famous painters, Rembrandt van Rijn of the Netherlands (1606-1669) and Oscar-Claude Monet of France (1840-1926), are not in the collection up for auction, a Henri Matisse lithograph and works by Harry Rountree and Ross Stefan are among the more than 50 pieces collected so far for the auction.

Greene said they have quite a few pieces of golf-themed art, including prints signed by Arnold Palmer and a few other famous golfers.

"We're getting art in daily and it's 'art' in parenthesis," Kirk said. "It doesn't have to be paintings or prints. It can be sculptures. It can be whatever you think art is."

Sculptures and carvings, and a handcrafted model of a tall ship are also included in the mix, as is an elaborately decorated china tea set.

"It's exciting. I've never seen some of this stuff and I've been doing this a long time," said Greene, who started Sellers Auction in 1982 in Duluth with his late cousin, Bob Loberg. "It's going to be kind of an eclectic deal."

(Jed Carlson / The fine art auction will include "Les Feuilles" by Pierre Le Colas.
(Jed Carlson / The fine art auction will include "Les Feuilles" by Pierre Le Colas.
And Kirk and Greene are still getting more items in and are encouraging local artists to get involved if they want to put some of their work up for auction by consignment.

"We would love it," Kirk said. "Anything that's local - we want to support local artists for sure ... it's art and this is their chance to showcase art."

Consignment pieces for the auction are accepted from 9 a.m. to noon Monday to Friday.

"It's amazing how many people have a piece of art that they don't know what to do with, Greene said. "And so it's kind of opening the door. Now they have an outlet for it."

The fine art auction begins at 11 a.m. at Sellers Auction, 902 Ogden Ave.

"I think Superior is ready for something like this," Kirk said. "I think it will be good and I think it will be fun. Our auctions are always fun and lively, anyway - to have this new medium."

For more information, visit or go to for updates, or call 218-464-4722.