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Teacher Appreciation Night

Spartan football players stand with their teachers during the Teacher Appreciation Night before the Spartans game with Rice Lake at the NBC Spartan Sports Complex in Superior on Friday. (Jed Carlson/ / 26
Blake Sharpe and Mrs. Kelly2 / 26
Nick Mehlum and Mr. Kontny3 / 26
McKenzie Schwarz and Mr. Conley4 / 26
#14 Austin Arnovich and Mr. Bianchi5 / 26
#15 James Vendela and Mrs. West6 / 26
De’Shon Pleau and Mrs. Hexum7 / 26
Jake Libal and Ms. Johnston8 / 26
Grant Hanson and Mr. Lehman9 / 26
Daniel Burger and Mr. Postal10 / 26
Robert McClarey and Ms. Dunbar11 / 26
Jesse Polson and Mrs. Wells12 / 26
Matt Hinaus and Mr. Ross13 / 26
Kyler Krob and Mrs. Olson14 / 26
Max Oosten and Mr. Kasperek15 / 26
Cole Matson and Mrs. Carlson16 / 26
Collin Krysiak and Mrs. Mattson17 / 26
Jeremiah Johnson and Mrs. Jones18 / 26
Sam Urban and Mrs. Anderson-Petroske19 / 26
Jay Wojiechowski and Mr. Moselle20 / 26
Anthony Bronson and Mr. Don Polkinghorne21 / 26
Andrew Erickson and Mrs. Bianchet22 / 26
Connor Gray and Mr. Willie23 / 26
Tony Mohr and Mrs. Schraufnagle24 / 26
DeArtis Watson and Ms. Dulinski25 / 26
Nate Sanders and Mrs. Lawton26 / 26

Friday night, at the NBC Spartan Sports Complex in Superior, the Spartan senior football players honored teachers at their annual Teacher Appreciation Night. Every senior chose a teacher from kindergarten through their senior year that has made a huge difference in their life. Twenty five seniors escorted teachers through the rain on the track before their game with Rice Lake.