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Police stop would-be jumper

Superior Police officers were able to talk down a Superior man who was threatening to jump off the Bong Bridge early Sunday morning and transport him to St. Luke's Hospital emergency room.

Officers responded to the Bong Bridge at nearly 5 a.m. Sunday in regard to a man threatening to jump off the bridge, according to a Superior Police Department report. Officer Joel Markon made initial contact with the man via cell phone and found him running toward Duluth on the sidewalk. As officers approached, the man paced from the sidewalk to the other side of the bridge, yelling at the Coast Guard boat under the bridge. Before traffic from Duluth was cut off, the man was running in front of cars, forcing them to stop and pounding on some of them.

The 26-year-old man charged officers, then threw them his wallet. He told them he had mental health issues and was not taking his medication and was manic, the report stated. The man would talk with Markon, than get angry and climb over the fence on the sidewalk side and threaten to jump as he hung over the water. After lengthy communications, the man finally agreed to walk to Markon's squad so the officer could drive him to the hospital to see a doctor.