More than 760 babies were born in 2020 at St. Luke's Duluth hospital, and for the second year in a row, "Jackson," also spelled "Jaxon," was one of the most popular boy names in 2020 for the hospital. There were five babies named "Jackson" or "Jaxon" as well as five each named "Henry" and "Thomas."

There was also a tie at six each for the most popular name among girls born at St. Luke’s: "Charlotte" and "Eleanor."

Other popular names — four each — were:

  • Abigail

  • Aiden

  • Arthur

  • Dawson

  • Eli

  • Ezra

  • Ivy/Ivee

  • Jaden/Jayden/Jaydenn

  • Joseph

  • Penelope

  • Theodore

  • William

  • Wyatt

The trend of alternative spellings to common names — like "Charlie," spelled "Charleigh" — as well as unconventional names, like "Esko," "Ryatt," "Azriel," "Clariteigh," "Marek," "Navy" and "Tahani" — continued in 2020.

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In possible nods to pop culture newsmakers of 2020, babies were named "Kobe" and "Ahsoka." There were even babies named "Sven" and "Ole."

Essentia Health did not immediately have its list of 2020 baby names available when this story was written.