Personality: Dayton can be a little shy at first, but he is quite a jokester! He has a big heart and naturally is a caretaker in his family.

Interests: Dayton loves to read and enjoys spending time at the library. He also loves to be outdoors and go biking. Other activities he likes to do are listening to music, watching movies, and cooking.

Goals/Dreams: If Dayton could do anything, he would buy all of the Roblox he could and some bacon cheesy tots. He isn’t sure what he wants to do when he grows up, but is definitely thinking about his future.

Mentor: Dayton would love to go to Adventure Zone, Edgewater Hotel and Waterpark and do other fun things. He also would love to try working out at a gym and learning to weight-lift. He wants his mentor to know that he loves animals, especially cats and dogs.

Information: If you would like to mentor Dayton or any other child through Mentor Superior, contact Tianna Day 218-606-2789 or email