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Fond du Luth helps serve senior meals

Senior Connections received a donation from Fond du Luth Casino with their "Point To Give" campaign toward the Meals on Wheels program.

As the county aging unit, Senior Connections operates the Meals on Wheels program for Douglas County residents.

In an effort to thank local, charitable organizations for their valuable work, Fond-du-Luth Casino and guests have been giving. Fond du Luth's "Point To Give" campaign began in October 2010, as a way to provide needed assistance to some of the many organization who provide assistance. This campaign asks casino guests to donate some of their Player's Club points. These points are then matched by the casino and a cash contribution made to the charities. Creating community partnerships is a big part of this effort. Not only providing financial assistance but working to increase awareness of these organizations, their services and needs.

Executive Director Chad La Lor said the nutrition program is partially subsidized through federal Older Americans Act and county money, it is participant contributions and donations like those from Fond du Luth Casino that allow us to provide the number of meals we do."

In 2017 Senior Connections provided over 37,000 Meals on Wheels meals to Douglas County residents. Only 36 percent of the cost of providing those meals was subsidized through federal and county money. The remaining costs of providing the Meals on Wheels meals met through participant contributions, contract fees and donations.

"It's great to see businesses on both sides of the bridge supporting this valuable program, we wouldn't be able to do this without their assistance," said Dale Johnson, nutrition director.