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Senior Connections seeks public input

Senior Connections, as the designated Douglas County aging unit, is working on the three-year "Aging Unit Plan" that guides its operation.

Areas of emphasis include advocacy related activities; the elder nutrition program (congregate and Meals on Wheels); services in support of caregivers; services to people with dementia; and healthy aging.

As the planning begins, Senior Connections is looking for public input concerning what services or programs are most important to them, and programs people would like to see offered.

A brief survey to gather the public's input to our plan has been developed and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. It is available on paper at Senior Connections office and online at

Executive Director Chad La Lor said "it is vitally important that we receive input from the public, particularly the older adults" Senior Connections exists to serve as goals and services take shape for the next three years.