Penneys from Heaven, a Superior-based nonprofit that helps families in need over the holidays, is seeking nominations for the 2019 season. Those nominated must live in Douglas County, have at least one child and have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.

The organization has raised funds all year long and now it wants to brighten up the holidays for a local family. Anyone can submit a nomination, but they should be ready to dig in and help. When a family is selected, the nominee is asked to do some secret undercover work to build the gift list.

In past years, the nonprofit has sent in sleuths to rifle through dirty laundry to get sizes, quiz recipients about their favorite colors and even measure areas for new appliances. One year, they worked with nominators to repair a family's car on the sly. A recipient last year called the Penneys from Heaven group "angels from heaven."

Visit Penneys from Heaven at, call 218-355-8775 or email for information or to nominate a family.