Superior resident Jesse Beasley, 40, was nervous to color his lengthy beard Nov. 29.

"I've dyed it before; it was orange for my niece with leukemia," he said.

Beasley tries to give back to his community as often as possible. With a family history of cancer, he decided his next task would be to raise money for breast cancer research.

"I tried to find local companies who did research on breast cancer and I had a few families reach out to me about their struggles," Beasley said.

This time, he wanted to help someone he has never met: Superior resident Terri Karren.

His goal was $2,000. If he reached it, he would dye his beard pink. He wanted to show his support for breast cancer research and Karren, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April.

"It's not easy, not when you have four boys. It puts a damper on your finances," Karren, 43, said.

Beasley raised $2,127 for her. Karren has since used the money to pay her mortgage for the next two months.

Karren said she felt overwhelmed with support from Beasley and his family.

"It's a cool feeling being able to help someone you don't know," Beasley said.

The two first met when Karren went to Blondies Salon in Superior, where Beasley colored his beard.

"It wasn't just the check - it was the basket of gifts that him and his family brought," Karren said.

According to Karren, Beasley has a heart of gold. His mother recently died of cancer.

"It is amazing that a grieving family has such strength to help me," Karren said.