Paid political letter: Vote Moffat for City Council Dist. 3

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My name is Garner Moffat and I’m asking for your support to serve as the new 3rd District City Council Member. Council Member Bender recently resigned, and the seat is currently vacant with a critical primary election coming up on Tues., Feb. 21st.

I currently serve on Superior’s Plan Commission, the Douglas County Historical Society Board, and as board clerk for the North Shore Community School. I hold a degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Scholastica and have completed extensive coursework in Community Development and Urban Planning. I’m running for this seat to work on community health and community wealth outcomes, although I’m also experienced and prepared to help with financial issues, small business development, the zoning code rewrite, and all the other important issues that arise in communities like ours. The challenges we face together aren’t unique: we can look to other cities for strategies to make Superior a better place for everyone. I’m asking for you to let me be your community-minded nerd and help us find solutions.

Please vote Moffat on February 21st.

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Garner Moffat

Superior, Wis.